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Always a transition month. Kids go back to school and the weather begins to change. This year we have been in a constant state of change.

How are you managing?

Be reminded that everyday we awaken with God's breath is a day for opportunities, a day to find the light to not only Live...but to Thrive!

Yes, there are so many things going on around us in our personal lives and some popular/famous personalities have left the earthly plane. Covid is a thing, we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but we have today.

We have Now

We have This Moment

We all must remember to breathe!

Life and its changes can be overwhelming whether it is positive or challenging.

God is present in every breath.

Today and all it brings deserves its time.


Breath* Love* Be in the moment

Yes a lot is going on. ON LEVELS

It is Nature.

For this month, remember to breathe through the unpleasant life changes. Focus in on the moment, not what was before or what will be moving forward. Take in all of the wonderful moments as well...and Give Thanks

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