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Just Be

We live in a culture where doing is expected more than being.

Nature has a flow that is synonymous with the ebbs and flows of the season. We are beings of nature as well and yet we feel that in every moment and every second we must be doing something.

For others

For Success

Because! Because! Because!

This is not the natural order of things.

In other cultures, there is a period of rest and regrouping on a daily basis.

When you travel into other countries, meals are based on what is in season.

There are hours for work as well as hours that everything shut down.

Moments to enjoy the company of family and friends.

So, be ok with taking time to regroup and understand, the continuous cycle of doing is the opposite of the natural flow of life.

Every action has its polar opposite.

After working you deserve rest!

The origin of continuous labor is a colonized concept, in a time when human bodies were not honored as they should be. We are in a position to move beyond this way,culture and expectation.

Take these moments while we are able to slow down, to regroup, plan and restructure our living culture, in order to:

Heal Ourselves, Heal Our Families, Heal Mother Earth


Just Be


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