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In the most adverse situations, all of the issues we hold in our mind will come forward with the intention of being healed. When this gateway opens there is so much chatter that may float in our minds creating feelings of instability.

When this happens and anxiety kicks in, STOP.

Take a moment and inhale deeply.


Allows you to calm your body and release some of the emotions that are not serving you well in the moment. As you are filling your body with oxygen, you are also asking the universe for spiritual support.

As you calm, you can begin to engage your inner dialog differently.

Ask yourself, In this moment what issue or challenge do I need to address?


At this moment, how can I change or transform this issue for a positive result?

And Just Listen

Naturally, our souls are equipped with an inner knowing that connects us to our higher power. In the moments that we allow ourselves to be calm, our soul will supply us with all that we need to establish a plan of action or solution to what we are facing.

Allow yourself to stay in a position of calm while remembering to breathe.

If the anxiety, frustration or inner chatter arise again…

Repeat the process again.


To Nurture Yourself

To Receive Universal Wisdom

Adversity will come, with Breath we can release.


Love & Receive


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