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Change is never easy, yet it is an essential part of life. This year will forever be remembered for its layers of transformation.

  • Ascension of Kobe Bryant

  • Covid 19 World Pandemic

  • George Floyd's "Momma Cry"

All of these moments are pivot points of what we all can file under "I would never believe would happen in this lifetime". On a soul level all of these experiences are a sign of the times that have gone by in all of our lives where we allow things to do just that, go by. Our living in this world has just been a constant movement of getting things done without a sense of consciousness, without embracing our interconnectedness as humans, being on this Earth.

These moments can be observed as places where our identities are not as important, but more in where our humanness intersects.

Our humanness is more important than the identifiable differences we may have. We are alive.

We are alive now, to identify the places that we need to be emotionally present. We are alive to be loving and caring to the planet we reside. We are alive to be a decision maker in how the future should be. We are alive, especially in this time to be mediums to help facilitate and enact these conscious changes.

Change is hard when we resist.

Healing happens when we persist.

Take your position, be a healing and positive agent for change.


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