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2020 Winter Solstice

Within this winter's solstice is a great celestial conjunction, the greatest star illumination that will be witnessed in our lifetime.

As usual social media has taken on a life of its own with memes of what this means and what will actually happen.

Powers Activated? Possibly....

It reminds me of the thoughts in my mind as of course I knew I was Wonder Woman as a child and one of the Wonder Twins??? A B S O L U T E L Y!


What will really happen remains to be seen.

But it feels like it will flow in the form of....

  • visible truths

  • heightened awareness

  • tangible synchronicities

  • harmonious experiences

  • deeper interconnectedness

But first, we may experience more of the die off of:​

  • ill behaviors

  • toxic relationships

  • imbalances in humanity

  • harsh treatments of the earth and animal kingdom

just to name a few. Beyond this, we are moving into a space and time where harmony and balance are key.

Are you preparing yourself for these changes?

Take a moment to bring the element of change into your awareness.

Witness the slowdown we have been experiencing all year.

Embrace this opportunity and consider how to evolve with these changes.

Start at home....

Cleanse...Reorganize...and infuse your home with all that is harmonizing for you.

Nurture yourself...

Do something for yourself that will bring you the most joy in this moment.

As always remember to:


Love & Be


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